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Wheelchair Accessible Porta Potty

wheelchair accessible porta potty in a park next to a regular porta pottyWhen you’re headed to a party or concert, there’s always the worry of whether public restrooms will be available. Or if there will be one at all.

Fortunately, this rarely poses an issue in most cities. But for travelers with disabilities, the idea of being able to access the nearest facilities is often daunting. What do you do if you can’t rely on hotel concierge services or cross-city cab rides to take care of it? The solution might be as simple as investing in a few new ADA-compliant porta potties.

Not only are these accessible public toilets a great help for anyone who needs them, they also play an important role in keeping our cities clean and free of germs. Therefore, we thought it would be helpful to share everything you need to know about wheelchair accessible porta potties in Baltimore.

What is a Wheelchair Accessible Porta Potty?

Wheelchair accessible porta potties are essentially the same as their non-disabled counterparts, but with a few features that make them more accommodating to disabled individuals.

They come in various shapes and sizes and are usually large enough to comfortably fit around two or three people. They may also be mounted on wheels or have small handles attached to the side for easy transport. The most important feature is their height, which is typically around 17″ high on average. This allows people who use wheelchairs to easily access the toilet without transferring from their wheelchair (or risk causing damage to themselves by doing so).

Which events should you rent Wheelchair Accessible Porta Potties ?

Even if you don’t have a disability that prevents you from using non-accessible toilets, many people at your event may do.

Many concerts, parades, and festivals are held in city parks that may not have accessible restrooms nearby. It is for this reason that wheelchair accessible porta potties are often rented for the duration of events. If you’re a concert promoter or an event organizer in Baltimore, it’s important to ensure your attendees have a comfortable and safe bathroom to use when they need one.

Another great reason to rent wheelchair accessible porta potties is that you may be organizing an event in a city park or on a beach. It can be really difficult for individuals with disabilities to navigate grass, sand, and dirt when using a wheelchair or other mobility device. Many events in Baltimore are held outside during the summer season, so it’s easy to see how having wheelchair accessible potties nearby would benefit the entire crowd.

Why you should hire a Wheelchair Accessible Porta Potty in Baltimore

Many people might not realize the importance of accessible public toilets, but they’re a must-have for any event organizer or venue owner who regularly hosts events.

These public restrooms also benefit the general public because they help reduce the spread of minor diseases. If you rent wheelchair accessible porta potties in Baltimore, you won’t be spending every single minute at your event worrying about finding a bathroom that you can use. In addition to being convenient, porta potties are also cost-effective.

The porta potty rentals in Baltimore are important for various reasons, but most importantly, because anyone and everyone can use them.

These public restrooms help to keep our cities clean and provide a safe bathroom for all individuals, regardless of their racial or socioeconomic backgrounds. Individuals with disabilities are the most likely to benefit from such accessible toilets. However, it’s still just as important that those who do not require them have easy access to clean bathrooms. If you’re looking for more information on accessible porta potties in Baltimore, visit our website today! We offer competitive pricing on every order and offer free delivery throughout the city.