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Portable Hand Wash Station

portable hand washing station next to a shed on concreteMost outdoor events organized in Portland are of longer duration and food is usually served to all those present. Many people attending the event will greet others by shaking hands. If the hands are not washed properly before eating food, they could carry disease causing bacteria, viruses and microbes and cause health problems later. Hence the event organizers should arrange for a portable hand wash station so that all those present, can easily and quickly wash their hands. A hand-wash station is also required for construction sites in Portland, where the plumbing has not yet been installed.

Portable Hand Wash Station Design

Though there are various models of hand-wash stations available, all the hand-wash stations have the same basic design. The hand-wash station is usually constructed from plastic and has casters ( wheels) so that it can be easily transported from one place to another. The tank has a provision for keeping a fresh water tank which is filled with clean water for washing hands. Additionally it also should have place for storing the dirty water generated after washing hands, so it has a grey water tank. This tank should be easily removed to empty the dirty water. Alternately a hosepipe is provided to quickly empty the dirty water.

Since the hands are dirty they cannot be used to operate the faucet on the hand-wash station, it usually has a foot pump which has to be pressed, to dispense water for washing the hands. Often a soap dispenser is also provided, so that the hands can be washed properly to remove all the dirt. Like the fresh water tank, the soap dispenser should be refilled with liquid soap for washing the hands. Most of the hand-wash stations do not require a power supply, though some of the more sophisticated models may have a rechargeable battery for the electronics.Additionally hand wipes, paper towels are also provided for wiping the hands after washing them.

Choosing the right portable hand washing station

There are a wide variety of hand-wash stations which can be rented, so it is important to choose the right model to avoid wasting time and money. One of the main considerations is the capacity of the fresh water tank. The capacity of the water tank varies and some models have a capacity of 24 litres. The capacity should be selected based on the number of people attending the event, if the capacity of the water tank is very less, it will have to be refilled repeatedly during the event, so additional effort is required. In contrast, if the tank capacity is high, it will not have to be refilled, though the hand-wash station will be larger in size.

What applications are portable hand wash stations good for

Hand-wash stations are widely used at Portland renovation and construction sites so that the construction workers can wash their hands whenever they wish. All outdoor events without a fresh water supply require a hand-wash station. Birthday parties,weddings, engagements, receptions and other events are often organized outdoors in Portland, especially during summer, and a hand-wash station is required. Outdoor venues are used for music festivals, concerts and other performances by entertainers so one or more hand-wash station is hired by the event organizer.