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B&O Railroad Museum

The B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore, MD is a must-visit destination for train enthusiasts. Housed in the original Mount Clare Station, the museum features over 200 pieces of rolling stock and other artifacts related to American railroads. Visitors can explore the station house, take a ride on a vintage steam locomotive, and even view the first mile of commercial railroad track built in America. In addition to the exhibits on display, the museum offers educational programs such as lectures, workshops and classes for all ages.

With so much history housed under one roof, it’s no wonder that this museum has become one of Maryland’s premier attractions. From its interactive displays to its special events throughout the year, there’s something for everyone at the B&O Railroad Museum. From the history buffs to the young engineers, this is a great place to explore and learn about Maryland’s past. So come on down and experience the wonders of one of America’s most amazing attractions!

The B&O Railroad Museum also offers a variety of special events throughout the year, such as model train shows, steam festivals, holiday-themed celebrations and more. Whether you’re taking part in a scavenger hunt or going on a behind-the-scenes tour, these events are sure to provide an entertaining and educational experience for everyone who attends. In addition to special events at the museum, visitors can also take advantage of its digital resources.

The B&O Railroad Museum website provides an in-depth look at the history of railroading in America, with archival photos, interactive exhibits and educational programs. With so many resources available, you’re sure to walk away from the B&O Railroad Museum with a newfound appreciation for one of America’s most important industries.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience, then a visit to the B&O Railroad Museum is something that shouldn’t be missed. From its expansive display of rolling stock to its interactive displays and special events, this museum has it all. So get ready to explore the past and discover how railroads helped shape our country’s future.

The museum also houses two permanent exhibits—the Baldwin Roundhouse and Shops and the Mount Clare Shops and Roundhouse. These immersive displays offer visitors a chance to step back in time and examine the lives of railroad workers through interactive demonstrations, photos, artifacts and more.

The Baldwin Roundhouse is an impressive 26-stall facility that allows visitors to get up close and view some of the most iconic locomotives of all time. Meanwhile, the Mount Clare Shops feature a variety of other special exhibits such as a replica engine house and working turntable, while also providing information on how railroads have advanced over time. With so much history under one roof, it’s no wonder why this museum has become one of Baltimore’s must-visit attractions!